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Booming Business: Sustainable Front-To-End Label Production Emerges Amidst New Normal

Label printing has come a long way. From its beginnings as a way of organising shipping containers in the 1600s, labels have evolved into an essential marketing tool that displays the product unique selling points (USP) and brand values.

What’s On Tap Reveals Its Success Using The Epson ColorWorks Label Printer

Located in the heart of Mont Kiara, What’s On Tap is a café that sells one of the best brews in town. Since 2019, the coffee shop has focused on serving their customers daily with some of the best specialty coffees.

Helping Local Printing Companies Deliver Globally Competitive Labels

The market for product labelling is expanding rapidly worldwide. Consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies and health-focused businesses are adopting an expanding array of applications for product labels that go far beyond simply standing out on store shelves.

Supporting OnDemand Businesses

Changes reshaping the global economy are having a greater impact on businesses today than ever before. Companies, particularly in the healthcare, pharmaceutical and food and beverage sectors, need to be able to shift gears at a moment’s notice to meet new market demands, regulatory changes in each market they operate in, and customer expectations.

Epson ColorWorks Printers: Help for Growing Businesses, Worldwide!

Finely printed color labels are key tools for businesses of all sizes, throughout Asia and globally. Epson ColorWorks printers are often chosen to print them, especially when the need is for small batches of labels that are printed quickly.

Labels That Help Companies Stand Out and Stand Up for the Environment

Success in today's competitive and unpredictable market requires companies selling any product, from food to personal care items and...

Addressing Customers’ Needs with Customised and On-Demand Label Printing with Epson.

As a business grows, different challenges and opportunities will typically accelerate a company’s move to adopt new solutions to...

Small Labels Make A Big Difference

It might be surprising to know that something as small as a label can be of critical importance to a business. Indonesian air...

With Epson, B.C. Label Dares To Go Digital

Thai printing company B.C. Label Print Company wanted to make the challenging transition from analogue to digital printing. Fortunately...

Why Epson Printers Are A Food-And-Drink Company’s Best Friend

Making siopao buns for her family and friends is a regular affair for Nelly Co. One day in a typical gathering at home in 1994...

How Can Label Printing Boost Food Product Sales For SME Manufacturers?

What does it take to create a successful pre-packaged food product? A delicious bit of food is an important prerequisite...

Getting Smart About Packaging

Industry 4.0 is a hot topic among manufacturers, with attention focused mainly on the application of Industrial Internet of Things...

Special Things Come In Beautiful Packages

The Japanese word shokunin roughly translates into ‘craftsman’ or ‘artisan’. It describes someone who has perfected a craft by...

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