Enhance the Customer Experience in Brick-and-Mortar Stores with Epson LightScene Projectors

May 30, 2023Projectors, Visual Instruments

Enhance the Customer Experience in Brick-and-Mortar Stores with Epson LightScene Projectors

Following the volatile economic environment of 2020, we saw many retail stores close their shutters for good. With pandemic restrictions kicking in and consumer habits changing, we’ve seen shoppers leaning towards online shopping, causing big names in Southeast Asia such as Topshop, Esprit and Robinsons in Singapore, to close their physical stores for good. This begs the question – are brick-and-mortar stores still relevant in the age of digital transformation?

While fewer shoppers are visiting in-person stores now, it is indisputable that physical stores offer important retail functions that cannot be offered online. But how can retailers keep their physical stores relevant and increase shopper interest at their in-person locations?

With Epson LightScene projectors, brands can create memorable experiences, as it allows you to transform your walls in store into a fully immersive digital wall, dynamic display shelves and even turn your two-dimensional signages into digital signages.

Improving Store Decorations with Immersive Dynamic Walls 

To retain top-of-mind brand awareness, retailers must stand out amongst their competitors by leaving a strong impression on their customers. With Epson’s Content Manager software or through Epson Creative Projection applications, retailers can now create brand content for projection on walls of any shape.  

Whether you feel restricted by space or looking to elevate your store décor, the EB-800F and EV-110/115 series are the perfect answers to your problems. With the ability to project in limited spaces or be installed with 360-degree rotation*, Epson’s LightScene projector series provides you with flexibility in installation without having to compromise on aesthetics.  

Take inspiration from Slammers Basketball Specialty Store for example – a basketball speciality store selling all things basketball. Working with Epson and YIMSAMER, a multimedia and entertainment design company, Slammers created a dynamic experience in its stores with Epson projectors within its limited space. Through the Slammers Fest Challenge, shoppers were encouraged to engage with the projection, by shooting hoops in the store, creating an immersive sports experience, and unlocking a fun and engaging way of production presentation for the brand. 

Projecting Real Time Updates and Advertisements with Digital Signages 

Epson’s LightScene range of projectors can act as a digital signage projector along with Epson Creative Projection applications. Retailers can instantly refresh personalised content and shift the projector around to project it on a preferred wall, according to seasonal promotions or changing store layouts at no additional cost. Not to mention, retailers can update real-time information on digital signages easily, and enhance customers’ sensory experience by playing advertisements when a customer walks by the designated projection area. 

Choosing Creativity, Every Time 

Choosing creativity doesn’t mean having to break the bank. You can elevate the experience in your physical stores with the Epson LightScene projector series, to transform your store into a dynamic digital display space, without having to take away the creative elements from your décor. A worthy investment to enhance the brand experience, Epson’s LightScene projectors help you take the experience to the next level, helping you stand out from other run of the mill brick-and-mortar stores. 


*Only applicable to the EV-110/EV-115 series

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