Satisfying Customers’ Expectations With Epson’s Signage Printers

Jun 8, 2019Printers & Scanners, Signage

“We no longer use any other brand of printer, since Epson allows us to satisfy our customers’ demand for quality and speed.”

This resounding endorsement comes from Mr Mardi Anas, the founder and driving force behind Tirta Anugrah, the leading supplier of print solutions in the West Java provincial capital city of Bandung.

Mr Mardi founded Tirta Anugrah 15 years ago as a copy centre operation, a natural extension from his family’s basic business of trading in books and office stationery, and the home-grown printing specialist has expanded steadily ever since.

The company moved into digital printing, and has since grown to become a trusted supplier of every kind of document solution, including large format print, offset and merchandise printing.  Services cover indoor and outdoor printing, document solutions and output printing.

Tirta Anugrah benefits from its strategic location in the campus and office environment of Bandung, Indonesia’s third largest city with 2.5 million inhabitants. Being so easily accessible means it also attracts customers from all over the city, including local banks, food manufacturers and more.

As it continued to grow, the challenge faced by the company was the customers’ demand for the best print quality and fast delivery. Mr Mardi found the solution he was looking for in the production speed, superior colour resolution and high brightness of Epson printers.

Mr Mardi’s first exposure to Epson signage printers was at an exhibition. “I was amazed by the printer body – it was so sleek and robust,” he remembers. “The output was beautiful, and I knew immediately that this was exactly what Tirta Anugrah was looking for.”

The company uses its Epson signage printers primarily for indoor printing such as x-banners, roll-up banners, posters and stickers. These range in size from 30cm x 30cm, to 1.6m x 2.0m; typical applications are large scale paper stickers for wall mounting, vinyl stickers for wrapping cars or motorcycles, and decals for motorcycles and their riders’ helmets.

Being able to offer the high quality output of the Epson printers has allowed Tirta Anugrah to meet demand from new market sectors, including local SMEs, Bandung’s retail sector and corporates looking for branding. These customers often call for backlit or frontlit flex banners suitable for indoor or outdoor use, as well as T-shirt printing.

Demand on Tirta Anugrah is so high that they need to run their Epson printers for almost twelve hours non-stop every day, but thanks to their reliability and self-maintenance features, the printers are able to sustain this heavy usage with minimal downtime. And the low power consumption despite running the machines for such long periods is another advantage. “The cost savings we achieve from our Epson printers is a significant benefit to our bottom line,” says Mr Mardi.

Mr Mardi has found that his Epson signage printers are faster and produce superior quality output, compared to other printers he had used previously. “Other brands we have tried were slower and the colour output was more dim. After we started to use Epson, our printing process now goes much smoother and faster, and the final outcome is better,” he says.

“Although good service from our staff is vital, it is not the only factor in maintaining customer satisfaction.  We must also stay abreast of advances in printing technology, which becomes the core and determinant in the development of this business. As much as possible, I try to anticipate the needs and requirements of my customers, so that I am able to provide the solution to what they need.”

Mr Mardi also enjoys peace of mind from Epson’s two-year warranty. “And all this while, the service support has been amazing,” he says. Tirta Anugrah’s after sales service is provided by Epson partners  Media Grafindo and Aneka Warna.

Sensitive to evolving market expectations, Tirta Anugrah strives to adopt new technology and new printer developments. Looking to the future, Mr Mardi hopes to expand into photography, textile printing and direct-to-garment printing.  And whatever segments Tirta Anugrah seeks to enter, Mr Mardi is certain it will be with Epson printers.

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