A feast for the eyes: Bringing projection mapping to the next level

Aug 12, 2021Projectors, Visual Instruments

Integrating visual arts, storytelling, and technology – the dynamic duo Fariz Hanapiah and Abdul Shakir, co-founders of Filamen, are the masterminds behind many of the impressive projection mapping shows in Malaysia. One show at a time, Filamen is constantly pushing the boundaries in audio-visual technology – tying together colours, audio, and lights to create a comprehensive sensory experience for their audiences. Some of the more note-worthy projection mapping installations involve iconic buildings such as the Palace of Justice in Putrajaya, Suffolk House in Penang, The National Monument in Kuala Lumpur, and the DUN building in Kuching.


Filamen was established in 2015 with a vision to build a sustainable environment for local visual artists. To create an artistic community with awareness of digital technology, the team proactively connect artists with like-minded brands or associations with an interest in promoting projection mapping technology in Malaysia.


Having been a long-term partner with Epson Malaysia, ex-motion design artist Fariz shared the origins of this partnership: “Our relationship with Epson started in 2012 when we were just getting started with visual arts. Back then, we were the very few who believed that projection mapping could be big in the future. It was a great relief to know that technology leaders like Epson believed in us and helped us create beautiful work with their projectors.”


This fruitful partnership has continued till today. Together with Epson Malaysia, Filamen has successfully created and installed over 7 mapping showcases locally, these include public showcase like George Town Festival, Urbanscape 2018 and Sunway Education Group 30th Anniversary event.


“Epson has been very supportive of the arts community in Malaysia for many years. It is only natural for us to continue the relationship and introduce new generations of artists to Epson.”




Using Epson high brightness to overcome architectural challenges

For most people, projection mapping offers an eye-opening and immersive experience. By mixing animation and engaging storylines, the shows are elevated, thereby bringing more entertainment value to the audience.


“For us to showcase the vibrancy of an artist’s work in a lossless manner, we need the best technology tools – and that is why Epson is our first choice when it comes to high brightness projectors for projection mapping.”


One of the most challenging aspects for building projection mapping is the unique architectural challenges present in each location – some buildings in Malaysia are not projection friendly. Due to the precise nature of projection mapping, even the slightest change in canvas details (in this case, the building surface) can be a curveball for the team. Because of this, high brightness projectors are indispensable tool for us to address problems concerning image clarity, which is the most important factor in bringing out the best in an artist’s work.


“To-date, we have used almost all of Epson’s high brightness projectors models. It is a joy to work with all of them.  Epson high brightness projectors offer us a lot of flexibility for outdoor and indoor projection mapping. We are also really impressed with the Epson EB-L20000UNL high brightness laser projector for its user friendliness and installation flexibility. It’s perfect for outdoor events.,” added Fariz.



Putting local names on a global map

One of the biggest goals for Filamen is to bring local artists into the global arena and festivals. To achieve this, the team has committed to continuous innovation on various tech mediums to provide the best output for artists alike.


“We are humbled to be part of Filamen’s journey to bring our local artists into the international arena. At Epson, supporting local cultures and artists through our technology innovation has been an important part of our community work. We look forward to continuing our support for Filamen to bring more visually captivating work to the public,” said Daisuke Hori, Managing Director of Epson Malaysia Sdn Bhd.





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