Addressing Customers’ Needs with Customised and On-Demand Label Printing with Epson.

Feb 8, 2021Label/ Press, Printers & Scanners

As a business grows, different challenges and opportunities will typically accelerate a company’s move to adopt new solutions to better meet market demands. Similarly, customer behavioural changes such as the increased need for customisation and speedier turnaround time also drive companies to seek cost effective and sustainable solutions. This is how iOcean Marketing Sdn Bhd (iOcean Marketing) has come to discover and chosen Epson ColorWorks printer to cater to the company’s growing needs for customised and on-demand label printing.

iOcean Marketing specializes in the production and distribution of household, aromatherapy and sanitizing products. Established since April 2012, the company has produced over 100 products, which are sold through e-commerce platforms such as Shopee and Lazada. The company has also recently been awarded The Golden Bull – Emerging SMEs Award in 2020.

iOcean Marketing started off as a B2B business to supply their products in bulk to retailers and resellers. Four years into the business, as the business grew, demands for smaller packaging and customised products started to increase. The growth was also largely spurred by the global pandemic which has driven the rise in e-Commerce. With the increased demands and requirements, iOcean Marketing realised that customised and high-quality labelling is critical to cater to growing SKUs and customers’ requirements.


Before they discovered Epson ColorWorks label printer, iOcean Marketing outsourced label printing to print providers but faced many challenges especially when it comes to managing cost, quantity and delivery time. There was always a minimum quantity requirement of 1,000 pieces for outsourced label printing which resulted in wastage. Most print service providers also require at least 2 weeks lead time to produce and deliver the labels. The company also explored DIY label printing but found the results was not satisfactory due to poor print quality with ink that was prone to smudging.

“I’ve been looking for a label printer for quite some time, especially one that allows me to customise labels with full colour printing and waterproof inks.  When I came across Epson ColorWorks printers’ advertisements on the social media, I knew it was exactly what I was looking for.” recalled Samantha Tai, product manager of iOcean Marketing. iOcean Marketing invested in the Epson ColorWorks C3510 printer and started using it since May 2020.


Print quality labels on-demand with Epson Colorworks printer

With Epson Colorworks printer, printing quality colour labels becomes possible. “We no longer have to wait two weeks for labels to be printed. With this flexibility, we can now print labels to show packaging samples to our customer on the spot. This has significantly boost customers’ confidence in us and our products,” Tai said. “Being able to print labels on-demand also allows us to print only the volume needed, saving time and cost, as well as avoiding wastage.” She added.

Samantha was also impressed that the printer supports label printing in different sizes up to 110mm roll. This gives her even more freedom and flexibility to meet customers’ request for packaging in various sizes. The ease of installation and user-friendly features of the Epson ColorWorks printer is also an added benefit that iOcean Marketing is very pleased with.

“It is our mission to grow our business beyond Malaysia and venture into the international markets” says Samantha. “Now that the labelling challenges are out of the way, thanks to Epson ColorWorks label printer, I’m sure we’re ready to pursue this mission.”

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