Embracing a New Normal – ‘Phygital’ Experience

Jun 17, 2020Projectors, Visual Instruments

Embracing a New Normal – ‘Phygital’ Experience

Not long ago, people interacted with brands in either a physical space or online only. But increasingly, we are seeing physical and digital experiences becoming inseparable with the help of cutting-edge technological solutions. The concept “phygital” marries both the online and offline environments by taking the best aspects from each space to create a unique, out-of-the-world user experience.

While the practice of fusing the two worlds with technology has been around for decades, the use of high brightness projectors to transform bricked walls, hotel suites, building facades and even sport stadiums into phygital spaces is a concept many industries are rushing to adopt. On this, we have seen success in some ways with Epson high-brightness projectors.


State-of-the-art indoor entertainment

Epson’s high brightness projectors has brought to life the interactive exhibits at Resorts World Manila, Philippines’ pioneering integrated resort. Their main stage, located in the grand bar and lounge, is a recent development that requires great visual projection from Epson’s high brightness projectors.

With its immensely flexible 360° rotation, the EB-L25000UNL projector has adjustable tilt and a variety of lenses to suit any venue or application. The newly designed laser light source also delivers 20,000 hours[1] of maintenance-free use for the laser light source only. In addition, with the advanced electrostatic filter having an equally long-lasting life, businesses can enjoy peace of mind in using this highly reliable laser projector.

“We chose Epson because its projectors are low-maintenance, cost-effectiveness and highly durable,” explained Ernesto De Leon, Director for Entertainment Technical Ops, Corporate Sponsorship and Theater Management, Resorts World Manila. “With Epson high-brightness projectors, we are on the fast track to transform venues with state-of-the-art interactive displays and visual solutions.


Dynamic projection for large-scale events

The Epson EB-L25000UNL also delivers impressive image quality with outstanding colour brightness in outdoor settings. Just last year, an spectacular light show was projected onto four 12m-tall shipping containers to showcase the theme of the Garden of Eden at Artbox Singapore, greeting and entertaining visitors as they enter the outdoor bazaar.

Regardless of the venue or setting, the range of lens options support the projection on varying position and surfaces, delivering eye-catching and unified projections from wide curved surfaces to corner walls, multiple screens and even on non-flat surfaces! The projector also has the flexibility to provide precise brightness adjustment in increments of 1% to maintain quality at a given value – perfect for outdoor events that last the whole day.

In an unprecedented time like this, it is important for brands to avoid going dark. As the current situation forces people all over the world to adopt a digital-only way of life, it’s important for businesses to infuse virtual experiences with physical, human touch. Once national advisories are eased, we can expect people to be in the rush to return to normal. While physical spaces still play a big part in shaping these new moments, it is important to explore and maintain the digital aspect to continue redefining the new normal.

[1] 20,000H life for laser light source : Approximate time until brightness decreases 50% from first usage. Measured by acceleration test assuming use of 0.04 – 0.20 mg/m3 of particulate matter. Time varies depending on usage conditions and environments. Replacement of parts other than the light source may be required in a shorter period.

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