What’s On Tap Reveals Its Success Using The Epson ColorWorks Label Printer

May 10, 2022Label/ Press, Printers & Scanners


The Story Behind What’s On Tap

Located in the heart of Mont Kiara, What’s On Tap is a café that sells one of the best brews in town. Since 2019, the coffee shop has focused on serving their customers daily with some of the best specialty coffees. But that’s not all, as What’s On Tap also distributes their house blend roasts to other restaurants and cafes as well.


Given the demanding nature of the business, it was very impressive to see how this coffee place was able to meet the requests of their customers. Without missing any important aspects of it, even the label prints were produced with due diligence.


We had a short chat with the Co-Founder of the café, Andrew Chung, about the tedious process involved to deliver everything needed to the café’s clients effectively.


Looking back, Andrew was pleased with his decision to take the leap from a black and white printer to the all-new Epson ColorWorks, C6050A. While the previous had limited functions, it also affected the production timeline of his products as a whole.


“The backend process of the production has to be solid, which includes the process of preparing the coffee beans and packing them. I maintained this by getting the labels of the packages printed in-house using the Epson ColorWorks C6050A printer.” shares Andrew.


Confidence At First Sight With The Epson ColorWorks C6050A

With an efficiency that is equivalent to an industrial printer, this printer is built using Serial Inkjet PrecisionCore TFP® with Nozzle Verification Technology. This explains why this printer is the number one choice for business owners.


Andrew was impressed by the printer’s Print-On-Demand feature during the demonstration. It caught his attention immediately as the printer displayed the type of speed to produce printed materials that would match the pace of the F&B industry.


An All-In-One Solution To Your Printing Woes

With different customer requirements and demands, it is important for business owners to have an effective system to ensure that their goods can be delivered on time. Among others include products that have the correct labels printed so that customers can get the required info that’s needed from the products as well.



As a distributor of coffee beans, What’s On Tap is accustomed to receiving orders from various restaurants and e-commerce stores. It requires the team to produce the packages with customized labels instantly. The Print-On-Demand feature comes in handy for this as it helps them with a fast turnaround time to deliver the packages within a specific timeframe – meeting the demands of their customers.


Expect Crystal Clear Images At The End Of The Day

More than what meets the eye, labels play an important role, especially to business owners, as each print reveals essential information about the product (the coffee beans) and how to use them properly. Likewise, the Epson ColorWorks C6050A is designed exclusively to meet this demand in producing labels that are printed out clearly.


“Our labels contain essential information such as its roasting date, weight, taste notes and land of origin. This is the type of information that needs to be seen clearly on the labels of every package, and this printer has lived up to my expectations.”


“The sharpness of every printed alphabet, number and symbol reveals superior quality from the PrecisionCore that I’ve not seen before.”

― Andrew Chung, Co-Founder of What’s on Tap.



In addition to that, all printed labels utilize waterproof inks. This is an added advantage because even if there are any mishaps along the way (i.e.: rain, spills or any other accident), the important details on the labels can still be read clearly.


Get Your Labels Printed In The Right Colour

When it comes to festive seasons, one of the things that most business owners look forward to is an increase in production that’ll boost the growth of the business.


Through the demand for coffee beans, What’s on Tap’s revenue will also increase as many people opt to give them away as gifts.


Being in the F&B industry, the use of illustrations and colours are important as it not only captures the attention of the customer easily but is also describes the content of packages clearly.


As a part-time interior designer himself, colour accuracy plays a very important role to Andrew. Another aspect of the printer that he was fascinated by was its Spot Colour Matching feature. While it prints the exact desired colours of the labels, it also prints them out in high-resolution (1200 dpi), and this is particularly important, especially when seasonal illustrations are used in the artworks during the festive season.



In a nutshell, the Epson C6050A printer is an all-in-one printer that will not cost you any delays in the production of labels and can accommodate the various printing needs that business owners need – from the smallest to the most customised materials.


To view more about Andrew’s experience when it comes to operating the Epson C6050A, click here.

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